Consent of liquidating trust

22-Aug-2017 13:00

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My half-brother was not supposed to receive any part of the principle or interest from the trust.

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The court ordered the trustee to return 0,000 to the trust (which he did). Then the judge made the statement that she could think of nothing more humiliating than to be removed as a trustee, which we all (including the attorneys) interpreted as meaning she was going to remove him.

The court never charged the trustee (brother) with any wrongdoing.

This is the reason I think the judge never read my father's trust.

There is nothing left and the judge has not held him responsible for a dime. When a trustee is assigned (I was named the successor trustee) do beneficiaries exist at that time? I thought the terms "due diligence", "fiduciary duties", "unbiased" were important terms when administering the trust, especially when my father did not want him to have the money he now has stolen from the rest of us. The judge was completely in support of the trustee and I don't think she even read the trust.

What was this trustee charged with in the court battle? Your suit to get him removed as trustee may have been a losing battle if you had no legal basis for requesting such.Present at this hearing was the trustee, his attorney, myself and my attorney.

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