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27-Dec-2017 08:32

Depending on the elements that a particle collides with, it produces different end products.

West of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) ice margin in Denmark ages reflect exposure from the Middle Weichselian.In a study on the evolution and reorganization of ice streams entering the Weddell Sea, Antarctica, during the last deglaciation, ice sheet modelling was combined with in situ 14C and 10Be analysis. While modelling results revealed a major reorganization of the ice streams over the last 20 ka, cosmogenic nuclide data from glacial erratics were used to reconstruct past terrestrial ice surface elevations. Those particles continue traveling toward the Earth’s surface, likely colliding with additional atoms on the way.

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Upon entering the Earth’s surface, these high-energy particles quickly collide with the relatively dense assortment of atoms around, breaking apart more atoms in the upper ~2 meters of a rock (or other) surface but failing to reach much deeper than that.We conclude, that interpretation of cosmogenic exposure ages should include careful evaluation of possible post-depositional landform transformation in attempts to fine tune ages of e.g. With reference to independent age models we critically evaluate glacier advance – retreat scenarios from regions around the southern Baltic that alone are based on weighted average ages of cosmogenic exposure dating.