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27-Jul-2017 22:18

Recently, Nick joined the talented folks at Marketing as a senior analyst.

This week, he spared some time to chat about subject lines.

" Usborne: In testing subject lines I have seen one line outperform another by close to fifty percent.

(In that instance, the subject lines were very, very close in both tone and the words used, which only goes to show how important testing is.) So, let's do some simple math here on an email to a modest list and a reasonable priced service. And let's say you want them to sign up for a subscription service priced at .95 a year.

Last year, in a talk about online writing that I gave to a group of talented undergraduate writers at the University of Southern California, I argued that the most important genre of writing for them to master is the email subject line.

Text messages were routed to an SMS receiver device controlling the output of a digital signage player; the chosen video was then played in full audiovisual mode.Usborne: It has been a long time since I tried predicting winners among subject lines.I used to work with a company which sent out over two million newsletters a month."In addition to managing schedules, software such as what we offer provides 24/7 monitoring and reporting of a digital billboard's performance.

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It also automatically controls brightness levels and provides proof-of-performance reports for operators and advertisers." Advertisers are finding these digital billboards very attractive, noted Mike Ribero, CEO of Reactrix, a Redwood City, Calif.-based interactive out-of-home advertisement and entertainment media company.i Media: Earlier you said, "The first day you test different subject lines and see the results, you'll never be complacent again.