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- Fixed old bug that MM-relations wouldn't get remapped to new elements that were are part of a copy operation ($the Uid To Update = $MM_local Uid) - Fixed that MM-relations added to a new unsaved record in a workspace would get attached to the live version of the record (change in db Analysis Store Exec()) class.t3lib_- Fixed several bugs related to MM-relations: - The feature "multiple" didn't work after bidir-mm was implemented.

This is now fixed but requires that the MM table gets a real UID field.

See here * Release of TYPO3 4.2.0 * Fixed a bug where Webkit Browsers would not correctly display the icons in the dropdown type selector of records like pages and content elements, credits Jeff Segars * Fixed Bug #8207: Creating shortcuts in does not work in modules other than web- * Remove obsolete warning in Extension Manager * Update all ext_in system extensions (part 1) * Update version numbers of all system extension that have been changed since TYPO3 4.1 2008-04-22 Benjamin Mack * Fixed bug #8159: Infinite loop when trying to install extension with constraints and configuration * Fixed bug #8203: Broken icons when creating ext template * Fixed bug #8204: Typo in extended list view for select fields 2008-04-22 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #8153: [left frame-width] left frame too small for german users, credits Steffen Kamper * Fixed several bugs with t3editor and IE #8157, #8049, #7509,#8146, credit Tobias Liebig * Changed order of cache and shortcut toolbar items * Changed call of json_encode in t3editor to t3lib_div::array2json * Added missing icon variants to t3skin, thanks to Helmut Hummel for generating them * Fixed typos in backend.php, credits Helmut Hummel 2008-04-22 Oliver Hader * Fixed bug #8182: Fatal error on calling sys Log() of lock object if locking method is unknown * Fixed bug #8148: IRRE - Expanded or collapsed state of new child records is not handled correctly 2008-04-22 Dmitry Dulepov * Fixed bug #8174: Clear all caches should clear configuration cache as well (thanks to Steffen Kamper) * Fixed bug #8040: Bug: Wrong check on creating folders in filelist makes them unaccessible (thanks to Moreno Feltscher) 2008-04-20 Ingmar Schlecht * Fixed bug #8138: Search in Loaded Extensions not working * Fixed bug #8019: missing htmlspecialchars() in admin Panel * Fixed bug #8169: Admin functions tab visible for non admins (All patches above by Steffen Kamper) 2008-04-20 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #8001: Problems using link wizard in content elements, credits Ralf Hettinger * Marked typo3/alt_as deprecated * Fixed bug #8060: preview in clickmenu of list-module on tt_content records broken * Added new icons for content elements in t3skin * Added new icons in t3skin to select image orientation in Text w/Image content elements * Added several other new icons in t3skin * Replaced icon for Web-Functions in t3skin * Fixed bug #8108: Extension configuration options are not always shown, credits Jeff Segars * Various Bugfixes for t3editor * Fixed bug #6812: Editor does not respect charset settings while saving with AJAX * Fixed bug #8049: Typo Script templates can't be saved at all after editing them using IE7/Win XP * Fixed bug #7314: In IE 6.0.2900 syntax highlighting, save indicator, keyword suggestion and undo isn't working * Moved Code Mirror into own directory * Switched from gluecode to hooks 2008-04-15 Benjamin Mack * Follow up to #7986: removed borders from list view when not in extended view, credits Steffen Kamper * Follow up to #7986: icons were breaking into a new line in IE6 * Follow up to #7986: in some cases columns were not aligned, credits Steffen Kamper * Fixed bug #7900: Docheader scrollbar isn't at right side, credits Steffen Kamper 2008-04-14 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #7986: Vertical aligned Icons in List-Module, credits Peter Niederlag, Steffen Kamper, sponsored by snowflake productions * Added new icons in t3skin for the help menu entries in the module menu 2008-04-14 Benjamin Mack * Fixed bug #8013: Felogin redirect Mode does not work with spaces (Thanks to Steffen Kamper) * Fixed bug #7317: CSH popup not working in flexforms (Thanks to Kasper Ligaard) * Fixed bug #8028: Databases with an "-" in it can't be used (Thanks to Steffen Kamper) 2008-04-05 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #8009: Wrong TS-Code because append String cannot handle multiline strings (Thanks to Claudio Cathomen / ICSurselva) * Fixed bug #1537: Shortcut icon syntax incorrect/incomplete (Thanks to Soeren Schaffstein / d.k.d) 2008-04-03 Patrick Broens * Fixed bug #4575: Changes in alternative page language does not clear cache (Thanks to Bodo Eichstaedt / wmdb) * Fixed bug #4768: Missing is_array() check in tslib_fe::get Storage Siteroot Pids() (Thanks to Kian Gould / AOE media) 2008-04-03 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #7476: link in about module opens in the TYPO3 backend frameset (Thanks to Bodo Eichstaedt / wmdb) * Fixed bug #7991: Workspace Preview is not aware of domain records (Thanks to Kian Gould / AOE media) 2008-04-02 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #7841: Remove COLLATE statement when creating new tables with the Install Tool * Fixed bug #7981: Replace ugly labels in BE Log module * Fixed bug #1585: Use t3lib_div::sys Log() whenever errors occur in tslib_fe.

Additionally, add a new value "request_uri" to the "config.stat_apache_pagenames" property which allows logging of the REQUEST_URI server value (useful with Rear Url environments).

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modified the interface for toolbar Items so that the reference to the backend Object in the constructor is optional, this was necessary to have AJAX response methods in the same class as the code that generates the toolbar item itself 2008-02-20 Stanislas Rolland * Fixed bug #7602: html Area RTE: Make the use of extended inline elements configurable * Fixed bug #7604: html Area RTE: add compatibility mode for indentation and alignment * Fixed bug #7582: RTE transformation should process dd element as block element * Fixed bug #7609: HTMLArea RTE: labels deleted from file locallang_* Fixed bug #7609 (continued): HTMLArea RTE: labels deleted from files Character Map/locallang and Inline CSS/locallang 2008-02-19 Martin Kutschker * Fixed bug #7583: html Area RTE should allow to markup text in absence of any block element * Fixed bug #7584: html Area RTE: pressing TAB in last cell of table should create new row * Fixed bug #7585: Invoking html Area RTE block style plugin from other plugin fails in FF3 and IE7 * Fixed bug #3537: html Area RTE: Inconsistent markup when adding tr/td in different ways in Firefox * Fixed bug #6767: html Area RTE: Merge cells does not work on merged cells * Fixed bug #3537 (revisited): html Area RTE: Correct exec Command argument in previous patch * Updated html Area RTE version number to 1.7.1 and updated manual 2008-02-19 Ingo Renner * Added feature #7580: Enable tabs for be_groups, credits Francois Suter * Added feature #7566: Tabs for fe_user and fe_groups, credits Steffen Kamper * Added feature #7565: Tabs for sys_template, credits Steffen Kamper * !!!* Fixed bug #5442: When using lock SSL redirection, the port number is not configurable (patch by Christopher Hlubek) * Fixed bug #2019: Unable to add a Querystring to a * Fixed bug #7630: Several problems with locking API (t3lib_lock) * Fixed bug #7700: Fatal error if caching is disabled and locking enabled (follow-up on bug #7630) * Fixed bug #5252: Pages with "Hide in menu" checked use normal page icon in list module (Thanks to Andreas Wagner) * Fixed bug #7693: New page wizard ignores "hide in menu" flag for page icons (Thanks to Christian Kuhn) 2008-02-27 Stanislas Rolland * Fixed bug #7697: Syntax error raised by Mozilla 1.7 when loading html Area RTE * Fixed bug #7698: html Area RTE fails to load due to missing toolbar constraints * Fixed bug #7690: Firefox 1.5 and Mozilla 1.7 crash when html Area RTE is in hidden tab 2008-02-27 Martin Kutschker * Rename t3lib_install::get Field Definitions_sql Content() to t3lib_install::get Field Definitions_file Content() and provide a wrapper for backwards compatibility * Lots of white-space fixes (to comply with old patch) * Lots of non-functional changes (to comply with old patch) 2008-02-26 Oliver Hader * Fixed bug #7637: Page tree fails to reload properly if page was manipulated * Fixed bug #7523: Description of properties is missing in install tool (Thanks to Steffen Kamper) 2008-02-26 Stanislas Rolland * Added feature #7667: html Area RTE: Usability improvements in table operations * Fixed bug #7671: html Area RTE configuration variable "Add default User TSonfig RTE configuration" not working. * Fixed bug #7687: html Area RTE context menu may produce js error 2008-02-25 Ernesto Baschny * Follow-up on bug #1697 (bug #7626): Timezone handling in datetime/time fields was broken, causing time to jump server TZ on each record saving.* Fixed bug #7626: Corrected handling of so called "half-hour" timezones (e.g.cleaner backend project: modified interface for toolbar items to add access checking 2008-02-18 Jeff Segars * Fixed bug #5303: t3skin - not the same style as * Put manual for sysext "felogin" under version control (was forgotten when sysext was added) * Followup to bug #7549: FE Login: curly brace was wrong (syntax error) * Fixed bug #7549: FE Login: enabling forget password link via TS is not possible (thanks to Dirk Weise) * Fixed bug #7424: Usersetup Tabs were to wide in German language (thanks to Steffen Kamper) 2008-02-14 Ingo Renner * Fixed bug #7232: html Area RTE: In IE, selecting words with CTRL SHIFT Left doesn't activate "link" button * Fixed bug #7525: html Area RTE: Page TSConfig property On Table Creation not honored 2008-02-13 Benjamin Mack * Removed ugly background color from save buttons in docheader when they were focused * Fixed syntax error in t3editor * Whitespace cleanup in t3editor javascript files * Fixed bug where Firefox 3 would load the content frame into the complete window, leaving the user without module menu and toolbar 2008-02-12 Jeff Segars * Fixed Follow up for bug #6825: TCEforms: Icon for empty palettes should not be displayed -- palettes fields were not shown * Fixed bug #7463: missing descriptions in backend user editor (Thanks to Steffen Kamper, followup to Issue #6921) 2008-02-11 Stanislas Rolland * (trivial) Fixed bug #7458: Wrong alternative text on create new page icon above page tree * (minor) Fixed bug #7466: Clear cache actions in top bar cause JS error * (minor) Fixed bug #7460: Search field in top bar causes JS error 2008-02-08 Stanislas Rolland * Fixed bug #4588: Frontend html Area RTE loads global RTE config instead of function parameter $this Config * Fixed bug #7450: html Area RTE: localization is broken when the RTE is used by a frontend plugin * Fixed bug #7451: html Area RTE: BE localization is broken 2008-02-07 Benjamin Mack * Fixed bug #7419: html Area RTE: Localization error in Remove Format plugin * Fixed bug #7421: html Area RTE: typographical error in localization file * Fixed bug #7052: Permission problem of html Area RTE images * Fixed bug #7052 (revisited): Permission problem of html Area RTE images, using t3lib_div::fix Permissions * Fixed bug #7428: html Area RTE: hiding a button hides the whole group * Fixed bug #5659: Several bugs when writing HTML entities and tags inside of html Area RTE * Fixed bug #3830: html Area RTE: Entities entered in wysiwyg are decoded 2008-02-05 Oliver Hader * Fixed: closed body and html elements two times * Removed ugly background color from buttons in the docheader * Moved t3skin arrow icons to main typo3/gfx folder * Added feature #7334: Feature: New Pagetree Styling, credits Steffen Kamper * Removed * (tweak) Followup to #6472: Some small changes to the new hooks * !!!

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(feature) Added feature #7370: Remove page doktypes '2' & '5' ('advanced' & 'not in menu') and merge them with 'normal' doktype '1' (patch by Steffen Kamper) * (feature) Added feature #7369: Hook for manipulating the c Hash * (trivial) Updated 2008-02-04 Jeff Segars * Fix a problem with dev Log in user authentication introduced with fix for #7350 * !!!This can be configured with the TCA options "MM_has Uid Field" (See TYPO3 Core API) - With bidir-MM relations the reference index on the "native" side is now updated when "opposite side" relations are edited. If you depend on the reference index, update it nightly with cronjobs.) * - Cleaner was updated to sort output - makes better diff-views now.

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