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Many guys have asked me "But what do I tell her as a reason why I want her number or email? If you ask, and they give it, then she knows why you asked.If she doesn't give it to you, then she also knew why you asked. If you ask every time, and you do it in a smooth, assuming, calm way, you'll get a lot of emails and phone numbers. I prefer the Fisher Space Pen (chrome) because it's small, classy, and women love it!by David De Angelo Let me start off by telling you something interesting: I've personally stopped focusing on just getting phone numbers.I've found that EMAIL addresses are far better (I still get the phone number too, of course). I perfected the art of getting phone numbers a couple of years ago.You see, women have many different reasons for giving out their phone numbers. But the universal feedback that I get from men, and in my personal experience, When you call a woman for the first time, she'll often start acting stand offish or even worse, just plain rude.Some love the attention of having a lot of men call them. It's almost like she's a different person than the one you met.

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It's almost as if women appreciate it that you've taken the time to think about what you're going to say when you write an email to them, and they think of you more like someone they know. And I've found that emails are answered FAR more often than voicemail messages.

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The other benefit of email is that it can be written and answered anytime. After I've talked to a woman for about 3 or 4 minutes, I'll often say something like "Well, it was nice meeting you.

I'm going to get back to my friends." They usually don't know what to do, as they're used to guys clinging to them. " is a bit surprising, and "Do you have email" is non-threatening.You will have women writing their phone numbers down without even thinking twice.