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However, it is recom­mended that you maintain correct information on Forms I-9 and note any name changes in Section 3.

Although Form I-9 regulations do not require employees to present documentation to show that they have changed their name, you should take steps to be reasonably assured of your employee’s identity if there has been a legal name change.

You may encounter situations other than a legal change of name where an employee informs you that his or her identity is different from the time Form I-9 was previously completed.

Every now and then, someone posts a comment with a question on how to do something and the answer requires more than just a quick response.

The first step is to use the Data Drop Down List object from the Custom tab in the Library palette.

This is a really handy object that has code in its Initialize event that’s already setup to populate its item list based on data nodes from a data connection.

In the Initialize event of the object, set the data connection name to “Movie Categories”, the hidden value column name to “cat Id” and the display text column name to “cat Name”.

If you run the form at this point, you should get three values in the list: “Action”, “Comedy” and “Drama”.

Also, add the Data Connection Controls object from the Connecting a Form to a Database sample to this subform (making the proper adjustments for the data connection name in each button’s Click event script) and make this subform invisible.node in order to find the data associated to the current record from a data connection (so that we can display the category names in the drop down list, for example).This is because the words “id” and “name” conflict with properties of the xfa.record object.To find out if your employee’s employment authorization expires, look in Section 1 for the date that employment authorization expires and in Section 2 for the date that the employment authorization document expires.

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The employment authorization expiration date provided by your employee in Section 1 may not match the document expiration date recorded under List A or List C in Section 2.

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