Learn dating magic

10-Oct-2017 09:53

They introduced us to love, to jealousy, to trust, to heartbreak.Even though things didn't work out, we still somehow managed to enjoy the time we spent together. It's because back then the point was to have fun, to enjoy ourselves, to experience and learn. Or even worse, we no longer remember how to enjoy ourselves, how to take in these experiences and learn.There are all sorts of misconceptions about these players; they're nerdy, socially awkward and not too skilled when it comes to dating.Some have even dubbed playing Magic a deal breaker.I miss the old days -- and I know I'm not the only one. We haven't yet been introduced to the darkness that inevitably catches us off guard.I'm not even 30, but already I find myself full of nostalgia, reminiscing on the years that, although seemingly distant, are only a couple of decades behind me. Everything is the way it ought to be -- or at least that's the way it feels. And the world continues down the same path it started on millennia ago.After we found the courage to take our first kiss, we would spend hours “making out.” When's the last time you had a serious make-out session?You didn't want anything from her, other than to be with her.

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How do women respond when you tell them you play magic? But, I have had a couple who have said it's pretty nerdy or that someone in their family plays.

Now that we're older, we like to overcomplicate everything and ruin just about anything special that we're lucky enough to come across. It felt otherworldly, as if it were tangible, as if we could reach into the air and hold it. There were no rules that you were supposed to follow because no one bothered to tell you they existed.

You weren't able to explain why you were feeling the way that you were, but you also felt no need to explain. These days dating is not much more than a set of preconceived standards that we -- for whatever reason -- believe to be correct.

You weren't fulfilling any physical desires because you were too young to have them.

And even if you did have them, you were too clueless to understand what it means to fulfill them.

As we got older, we stopped looking, stopped examining, stopped doing our best to understand.

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