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12-Nov-2017 14:30

During the footage, the girl’s desperate cries and screams for help can be heard as the gang try to rip her clothes off.

Two security guards suddenly turn up and attempt to prise the yobs off of the girl.

:/But thanks all the same cuz you made me discover Amina Kaddur OMG I'm Arabic And I dont know most of those womens !! Also there are fake pictures for famous names like Nadine Lapaki !!

Thats not her Nadine Lapaki is much better than this one ..

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They have the nerve to blame women for molestation? Arabic womens are bretty women with no makeup and without getting naked You felt insulted, and the way you way to tackle it is to insult back? You cannot put all women in one box, whether it be arab or western girls."Arab girls doesn't get naked" - so you are saying all other girls does, and that you are only considered pretty if you show yourself nude? The western women who are considered most beautiful, have never been seen naked.Natalie portman, Jessica Alba, Emma Watson and that is just to name a few.Zahia is only a prostitute,you can't compare her to any arab actress or singer.

Would you have put a prostitute among the 50 most attractive european women?Khalifa’s unapologetic choice to use her body to succeed makes people incredibly angry.

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