Like dating thai girl

23-Aug-2017 01:03

I went red from top of my head to the tip of my toes. The Thai God said that he did like me and looked at me, and smiled. My Boss wrinkled his nose and said ‘I think the Thai God is better.

Then they proceeded questioning him and then ‘advertising’ him to me. They were really trying to get this guy to date me…or whatever it is called, here in Thailand. Shit, this question was so out of order, but they all waited for me to reply.

Teacher M, a very cute female colleague of mine, called the Thai God to us and started saying something quickly to him in Thai. I had mentioned something about height to one of the teachers, and now probably a whole school knows. I sat next to Teacher M to observe the final ceremony. I smiled at her ‘Maybe it’s for good luck to find a new boyfriend’.

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‘If you marry him, you will give me 25% from the wedding gifts’ laughed my Boss.

Not only you don’t see couples holding hands, but also you don’t see Thai men hitting on any women in clubs, bars, nor on the street. Only a couple of times I had to attend the ceremony.

We wondered how this whole dating thing works here. While sitting on the floor, in front of the Buddha image, I noticed the Boy, the Thai God and the PE Teacher all staring at me.

Yes, it would be nice to date one of them, but if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen. We had a big ceremony at school that started at 5am on Monday morning.

Very often my sister and I wonder how Thai nation survived. During the whole day there were prayers, so I was hiding in the Teacher’s room.Increasingly, young western women are moving to Thailand.

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