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01-Nov-2017 23:27

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Of course, past research has also shown that good relationships bring stability, happiness and better health.

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Of course I don’t technically have another free night until November (like most singles, the diary’s a bit mad). A week on, I’ve allowed myself a brief moment of disappointment. It seems I’m not the only one to flirt with ambivalence.

They’re awesome at sweet talking, but they suck at following through and being genuine. When your biggest priority is simply finding someone, you end up settling for anyone.

After all, how can they give you legitimate compliments when they don’t know anything about you, and they don’t try to get to know you, either? If you’re constantly settling for the easiest solution, you’ll quickly lose sight of the type of guy you really deserve, and who you should be looking for in the long run.

Sometimes, at 3am when you can't sleep, you feel a pang as though you're all alone in the universe.

That's okay though, literally everyone feels that at times.After settling for enough of these guys, you start to believe that every guy is going to be the same, and you’ll become paranoid when you do actually meet a good one. Feeling even lonelier when your relationship comes to a quick and messy end is super counterproductive to what you wanted to accomplish in the first place.

Bad things i always leave in the past, so you would never have conflicts with me. I don’t want to tell you that I am pretty or intelligent, you can know it from personal meeting.… continue reading »

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She even used the English word, “loser.” She then explained that the men have to be taller than 180cm.… continue reading »

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As stated, we do not discriminate against race, gender or sex but age specific requirements may or may not apply to each individual room.… continue reading »

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