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The first Frankish attacks on Visigothic territory in south-west France started in the 490s, particularly in Saintes and Bordeaux, which probably encouraged Visigothic emigration to Spain.

Faced with continuing Frankish military expansion, King Alaric met Clovis King of the Franks in 502 on an island in the Loire near Amboise and established the river Loire as the frontier separating the two kingdoms.

To be honest, when this show came to me four years ago, it was very different from what it ended up being.

The Visigoths were the first non-Roman rulers in south-west France, King Ataulf establishing his court at Narbonne in [410/12] (see Chapter 1).

Visigothic expansion into Spain was slow, starting with the small army led by Ataulf in 415.Under pressure from the Huns, they sought permission from the Roman Emperor Valens to move into the Roman empire to the south of the river Danube in 376.

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