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17-Sep-2017 14:23

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Wednesday, Nov. more Here's a throwback from the 1990s that you didn't see coming.

Hit song 'Rico Suave' singer Gerardo Mejia is back in the spotlight (or trying to be, at least) with a new show on VHI. Keep clicking to see what Suave himself looks like today, then keep going to take a then-and-now look at your other favorite 1990s stars.

Creed singer Scott Stapp was placed in a psychiatric hold after cops in Florida found him on the side of a road "wasted" and rambling about someone was trying to poison him, according to a report.

The frontman appeared to be drunk or high and was incoherent when Madison County Sheriff's deputies caught up to him on Nov.

I heard Scott Stapp's voice the other day,and found out he had a solo album. Hopefully he can find a good writer and get a fresh start, something different. got an inflated ego and figured he was better than everyone in the band (when we all know the only member of that band with a shred of talent was Mark Tremonti)......

With his vocal cords, I'm sure he could do almost anything.... as for his Solo album, I listened to half of it and thought to myself that Hey, if this guy can make this much money on the same song over and over again, I'm going to start selling my songs....

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The TMZ report also said Stapp's wife, Jaclyn Stapp, who is seeking a divorce, claimed in new legal docs that the 41-year-old singer threatened to kill himself and his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, hears voices and has visions of people on fire.

She also claimed he called the dean of his son's school on Nov.