Self liquidating loan report who has it harder in dating

05-Jan-2018 10:25

Deposit insurance started at ,500 in the Great Depression and has increased in fits and starts to the current 0,000.

With the increase in deposit insurance there is no need to maintain liquidity.

At the end of the year, banks try to clean up their balance sheets.

If a bank can afford to, it will likely take all the bad-debt charge-offs possible in the fourth quarter.

That is the largest quarterly decline since the FDIC began tracking loans in 1984.

And as Sean Corrigan explained, "Houses are nonproductive assets, financed with a great deal of leverage." And while homeowners reap the services provided by homes slowly over time, houses "deliver a large dollop of uncompensated purchasing power up front to their builders or to those cashing out of the market," making housing "the ultimate engines of created credit on the upswing, and …that the lending process for businesses "adds value to the economy," while consumer loans are counterproductive, adding costs but no value.The banking system, with its focus on consumer loans, has shifted capital from the productive part of the economy, Numbers from the FDIC reflect this shift over the past decade.Credit in this case aids a business in potentially earning entrepreneurial profits, which build capital, which ultimately fuels economic expansion.

Conversely, consumer debts are not self-liquidating, but instead stay on the banks' books for long periods of time, with payments being made only to service the interest and pay down very small portions of the loan principal balance.The credit crunch continues, with businesses large and small finding that their bankers remain exceedingly stingy in the wake of the 2008 financial debacle.

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