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If you are 16 or 17 years of age, both parents must be present with identification and must sign a consent form.

If under the age of 16, in addition to the parental signature requirements, a Court Order is needed. 90) prohibits the marriage of persons who are related by blood or adoption with the fourth degree collateral. For any other questions, please call the Marriage Department at 337-291-6335.

In a marriage that is not a Covenant Marriage, a spouse may get a divorce for adultery by the other spouse, conviction of a felony by the other spouse and his imprisonment at hard labor or death, or by proof that the spouses have lived separate and apart for six months before or after filing for divorce.

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All you need is your map (your vision/goals), a full tank of gas (your drive/passion to succeed), your car (you), and the ability to accelerate (discipline).Marriage Licenses are issued from am – pm, Monday through Friday except for legal holidays, at the Lafayette Parish Courthouse located at 800 South Buchanan Street, Lafayette, La 70501.Your marriage license is one of the most important documents you will purchase during your lifetime.They must sign a recitation and affidavit similar to those described in the aforementioned pamphlet, after receiving counseling. This intent to designate their marriage a Covenant Marriage must be filed with the official who issued their marriage license and with whom the marriage certificate of the couple is filed.

If the couple was married outside of Louisiana, a copy of their marriage certificate, with the declaration of intent, shall be filed with the officer who issues marriage licenses in the parish of the couples domicile. The full text for Covenant Marriage Laws is available.

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