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To do that, follow these steps: If this doesn’t work, you should temporarily disable your antivirus real-time scanning and see if that helps.Solution 1 – Delete Square Enix folder If Just Cause 2 isn’t starting on your PC, you can try deleting Square Enix folder.Solution 2 – Run the game in compatibility mode If Just Cause 2 is crashing on your PC, you can try running the game in compatibility mode.According to users, this method has been successful, so feel free to try it.Run setup file from that folder and follow the instructions.Solution 1 – Launch the game from installation directory If Just Cause 2 freezes on your computer, try running the game from its installation directory.

To fix this issue using Nvidia Inspector, do the following: Keep in mind that Nvidia Inspector is an overclocking tool, so use it at your own risk.To do so, navigate to game’s directory and run justcause2Solution 2 – Move your game to a different hard drive Players have reported that Just Cause 2 freezes and gets stuck on splash screen, so in order to fix this problem, you’re advised to move Just Cause 2 installation directory to a different hard drive.Solution 11 – Install Direct X Sometimes Just Cause 2 crashes can be caused by Direct X, and if you’re having crashes, you’re advised to reinstall Direct X.

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To reinstall Direct X, just do the following: Solution 12 – Add /frameratecap=30 /filmgrain=0 launch options Users suggest that adding /frameratecap=30 /filmgrain=0 launch options to Just Cause 2 has fixed crashing issues.

Solution 3 – Update your graphic card drivers In most cases, issues with freezes are caused by your graphic card drivers, so maybe you should update them.